CARM Newsletter 02-06-08

Washington D.C.

The Washington, DC trip was great.  McLean Presbyterian Church is a nice place to speak.  The people were warm and responsive.  On Friday night (25th) I spoke to about 120 people and then again on Saturday I spoke to the same group.  On Sunday I addressed the parents and the need for them to focus on ensuring their children are well equipped to defend the Christian faith in a hostile world.  After all, three out of four Christian youth who are raised in a Christian home and go to church regularly, lose their faith within two years of going to a secular college.  I spent Friday night trying to motivate people to study and Saturday morning teaching them the basics of the Christian faith and how to learn to ask the right questions and discover logic problems in opponents' assumptions.  In all, it was a productive time.  I want to thank those of you who showed up and visited there at the Church and Lunch.
My wife went with me on the trip and we spent three days after the conference seeing the Washington,DC area.  We visited the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian air and space Museum, the Holocaust Museum, and the National Archives Museum where we saw the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  All of them were very interesting.
We also went to the Arlington National Cemetery and took a tour of the grounds.  We watched the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier, impressive.  It was a sobering thing to see hillside after hill side of the graves of those who have given their lives in the defense and establishment of this country.  I want to thank all of you who have served in the military to make our freedoms here possible.
We also went to the Pentagon.  A great Christian guy named Dave signed to us in and gave us a tour.  We visited the very spot where the airliner struck.  In its place is a chapel and a monument.  It was...sobering.

Video Next week a guy named Jacob will be coming out from Missouri to spend about nine days here teaching me the ins and outs of video shooting.  We'll also have Bill McKeever ( here for three days and we hope to do some video shooting on Mormonism.  Bill is an expert on it.
I really believe that video production is necessary in apologetics.  More and more people are going to video websites and fewer people, it would seem, want to take the time to sit and simply read.  So, we want to be current with the times.

The Garden Update on The Garden:  I wrote in the last newsletter that I finished a fiction novel that teaches Christian theology encased in a story about spiritual warfare.  Here is some feedback from the discussion boards about the book.

  • I love Matt's book I just got it last night and I read the first 4 chapters and the story is very cool. I didn't want to put it down but hey I needed the sleep.
  • Matt Ya done a GOOD IS hard to put down and got really caught up in this man's revelation......exciting stuff for sure

If you're interested in checking it out, go to

Atheist Conference
From March 21 to 23, I  will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the 34th annual atheist conference.  A friend of mine will be going with me and we hope to possibly do some on camera interviews while we were there.  I went to the last one in Seattle and actually found it to be enjoyable.  Unfortunately, a lot of the presentations in the Seattle conference were filled with attacks on Christianity that weren't very well done.  I expect a lot more quality substance on their part.  But, there wasn't much at all.  We'll see what happens at this next conference.

Atheist Debates There's a possibility of me going to Pensacola Florida on April 7, or thereabouts, to participate in a debate with an atheist.  Also, I've been asked to fly to Portland, Oregon to debate another atheist on ethics.  Neither debate has been solidified yet.  More on that to come.

Biblical Worldview Conference From April 10-12 here in Boise, Idaho, there will be a Biblical Worldview Conference.  I will be speaking on three topics.  They are not yet narrowed down, but they will be, of course, dealing with apologetics, Christianity, etc.  If you are interested in information on the conference, please go to

Emerging Church Because I've been getting more and more occupied with traveling, speaking, radio, and switching the CARM office procedures to QuickBooks, I've been repeatedly delayed in focusing the last few articles necessary for the emerging church section on CARM.  Please be patient with me as I endeavor to get finished. 
Here I am in my office working on this newsletter.  Then I need to finish the donation receipt letters.  Tomorrow I need to work with our weekly office lady on QuickBooks and stuffing envelopes.  Then next week will be dedicated to video work with Jake and Bill.  It is one thing after another.  I'm so swamped with all sorts of things to do, that it is difficult to focus on one project at a time.  So, I hope you'll continue to be patient.

Online Schools I'd like to remind you that CARM offers thre online schools.  A lot of people sign up for them and they are one of the ways we use to support this ministry.  If you are interested in learning your theology, learning about false religious systems, and learning about critical thinking all in a logically arranged, self-paced, systematic manner, then please check out the schools.  It is a great way to get something for your support of this ministry.

CARM Needs Staff CARM needs staff.  In June of next year Ryan Turner will be joining me for full-time ministry.  He's twenty-three and will be graduating with a Masters in Apologetics.  He came out here in June of this year and spent 10 days with me.  He's a great guy and he understands how much CARM can do, and how much help is needed.  I praise God for this young man. 

Are you interested in a ministry opportunity?  I am Looking for people who don't mind working hard, who will have cultists praying against them, who don't mind facing spiritual difficulties, who will have to raise their own support, who can do research, write, don't mind learning the ins and outs of CARM, and are willing to move here to Boise, Idaho.  Glamorous, huh?

I wish I had enough money to hire three people right now.  I need a programmer Web person, an administrator, researchers, writers, video editors, audio editors, etc.  The goals are to produce teaching materials in writing, audio, and video formats.  There is so much to do and I'm absolutely buried.

I know that you might be wondering why we can't do this over the Internet.  Some things can be done that way, but not everything.  I need people on site.  I need people to interact with, to brainstorm with, to sit with for long periods of time and train, to have them do video shoots with me, answer emails, maybe help with radio, etc.  In short, I need to disciple people on how to be better apologists, how to write, and how to do everything necessary to continue this ministry and/or produce their own.

You can be male or female.  You have to agree to the CARM statement of faith, and I prefer people who are educated and/or experienced in their field of expertise.  But I must reiterate; this is not an easy ministry.  It is time-consuming, often unrewarding, frustrating, etc.  But, there are rewards.  You get to know that what you produce will affect thousands of people for years to come.  This ministry is a challenge and it is not for the fainthearted.   Interested?  If so, contact me at [email protected]

Love and Hate Mail

  • Hate Mail
    • Is this site a joke? When i read "we need to articulate our faith intelligently and biblically." I could not help but laugh rather hard, theres nothing intelligent about the bible or organized religion. Go get your god and bring him to me, i want to ask him a few questions... wait no hes not real so that would be hard to do now wouldent it. Seriously start using some common sense.
    • I would like to thank you very much for your obviously unbiased and non insulting view of many things. I really enjoyed reading through your website and I haven't stopped laughing yet! This utterly uneducated and completly baseless drivel is truly heartwarming. I have one question while  I'm not a particularily religious person I have many friends in many different religions and I am 100% positve that if you bothered to read the bible it would say in there somewhere that no man shall damn another or he himself shall be damned. If you have such strong beliefs in "christianity" then why are you trying to say that mormons are not Christian? The actual neme of that church is 'The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints'. So what did you say your church was named? Oh your right yours could be a middle school or anything, they have Christs Name right in there. And the same with Jehova's Witness's Jehova whom I understand is Christ. Also if you believe so ardently why don't you try spreading some joy and some love, instead of trying to tear down someone else's beliefs? This is nothing more than a Hate site. You may as well be Damning Homosexuals or African Americans,. I realize I chose to come on this site as a research source but I found nothing more than half ***** research and opinions
    • It is sad to see that Mormon bigotry is still alive and well.  I don't know if you realize that calling Mormons non-Christian is a to hate-speech.  It is very offensive to any of the LDS faith.  I would also like to know who made up the "essentials of Christianity".  That sounds like a categorization from a man or committee, not from God.  Show me in the Bible where the is the actual words "essentials of Christianity" exist, and then show me the list under the title.  It is also hard to not be offended a the comments when on your web-site there is a book on how to defend against Mormonism.  You sound like a hate group that needs to be exposed!  Have a nice day.
    • Everything you are saying about Mormons is a lie. We are Chritains. we do trust the bible. so everything you have on your websit needs to get check. GET YOUR FACTS SRAIGHT!!!
  • Love Mail
    • I just want to thank you so much. I've had a load on me for a long time in regards to certain thoughts about Christianity and after recently having one of the biggest arguments I've ever had with some Christian people very close to me, I've had a lot of tangled ideas unraveled by your answers on your site. I'd come to a point where I thought my conclusions meant there was no point in living let alone living for God. I'm not saying that I was about to go jump off a building but I wasn't exactly enthralled by my own thoughts. It was like everything was completely empty and lifeless. Now it's like a huge burden has evaporated and I can't thank you enough. I struggled to find any other ways of looking at what I'd concluded and your answers have really opened me to a better and far more wonderful way of thinking.
    • Thank you for your hard work in spreading the gospel.  I know it isn't glamorous and is hard work but I really appreciate it.  I love how you have information on other religions and cults and how we as believers can witness to them.  I also love your devotional pieces they are excellent.  So keep up the great work! 2 Timothy 4:7-8
    • I have recently stumbled upon your website, and I couldn't help but thank you for your articles on atheism. I am an atheist myself and although I do not share your beliefs, I am very glad to see an honest attempt at defining atheists and your understanding of our views. Good luck in your mission.
    • You keep up your hard work.  I smile and receive every e-mail with a joyful heart.  I am praying for your ministry and your family.
    • Fantastic site. I will be camping out on the site for the next year, praise God. I will be signing up for all of the schools. thank you for all the hard, tedious and accurate work you have put into the site over the years, I appreciate your efforts and success. God bless you and your family.
Matt Slick
CARM President


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