Newsletter 06-16-2010

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From Ryan Turner 

  • I want to say a special “Thank you!” to all of you out there who volunteered and helped with the editing of the CARM Online School Manuals.  A few dozen of you graciously responded and generously volunteered your time to proofread various portions of these manuals.  I could not have done this without each one of you! Thanks! We should have the edited version of these manuals available in about a month or so.  I am still in the process of proofreading, adding and editing review questions, etc.
  • Our Spanish website ( is continuing to grow.  We are now seeing around 850-900 unique visitors per day. This is up from around 500 or so a few months ago.  Please continue to pray for this ministry. We still need a video camera, and other video equipment to start producing Spanish videos for distribution on the Internet.  We also are in the process of starting an Arabic apologetics website.  Please pray for this initiative.
  • Also, I will be flying to Salt Lake City this upcoming Wednesday, June 16th, and then will head down to Manti, Utah for two weeks of Mormon evangelism.  As I mentioned in the past, every year the Mormon Church puts on a play in Manti, Utah ( html) recounting the history of the Mormon faith.  The purpose of this play is to encourage the faith of existing Mormons and evangelize non-Mormons. Several thousand Mormons show up each night to watch this play.  In preparation, I have been spending these past few weeks finishing reading the Book of Mormon in order to more effectively reach these Mormon people. This will actually be my third year attending this outreach.  Last year was very encouraging as I had the privilege of being able to share the Gospel with numerous Mormons in various conversations.  Please pray that the Lord will open these Mormon people’s eyes to the true God, the true Jesus, and the true Gospel.

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Love and Hate Mail


  • Brothers in Christ, My name is Divyd Ray I. Gutierrez from Manila, Philippines. I was so amazed and educated by your site and it enlightened me more about being a Christian. Thank you so much. Your site is also helpful in answering questions for our seeker friends and for us practicing basic apologetics. I would like to commend you guys! More power and God Bless.
  • This is Dave Campbell. I called from Michigan the other day, actually yesterday. I found this site about you and I know you like to answer the critics. My wife is going to buy me the MOAN tonight when i get home from work so I am very excited about that! I am learning so much from your site! The one thing i noticed with this site is that they call Ray Comfort a to me that says something...I am pretty sure Ray is right on with you and they are just doing what Jesus said they would do....
  • Thanks for the quick reply Matt. I listen to you every day here in Australia on Ustream. I am an 18 year old Christian who is quickly developing an interest in apologetics and I find your show highly informative and entertaining at the same time. Thanks for the insight and the many laughs (and your nightmare-inducing facial expressions!). Please keep on doing what you're doing and do not be discouraged by threats and attacks from opposition. Know that there are many who are on your side, praying for you.
  • Matt, I Loved the book (The Garden).  It touched my heart.  I've always believed there was a battle going on around us. The Lord must love to no end, to send His angles to fight for us and for Him to have died in our place. The price is truly payed.
  • I recently found out about CARM and your ministry in apologetics and defending our faith, and I couldn't be happier.  There's so many falsehoods and outright lies out there and it's nice to find someone dedicated to protecting God's word and explaining what the true Gospel is.  I especially enjoyed your analysis of Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Catholicism.   Pastor Slick, you are truly an amazing man with a great heart for God and I hope to hear and read much more from you in the future.  If there's ever anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to call me.  I'm a new pastor taking on a new congregation here in Redding, CA for Cornerstone Community Church as our senior pastor just announced his resignation and I could use all the prayers I can get.  I know that God has given me this calling for a reason and I will try my best to bring honor and glory to our Lord.  Thank you again for being a role model to me (and to no doubt countless other Christian leaders in the world).


  • You so full of crap I cant believe it. Arnold Murray is blessed by God in his ministry. Why should he answer any questions to you. He is smarter than that, Yiour CARM is empty.
  • You are well named my brother, in need of much repentance, and barely know the God you represent.  I am so sorry for you, and will do my best to pray for you.  Pride in your knowledge, strength in your standings, and the like, have all brought you further from the truth, which for you, will only be seen when and if the Potters' hand allows.  Again, very sorry for you brother and the foundations of sand surrounding your temporary place here on earth.  Your repentance is through the blood and hopefully a contrite heart on your part.
  • Although your overall message is correct I disagree with many of the things you explained in your writings. I feel that you're spending far too much time telling everybody else what is wrong with them. Are you completely flawless? Are you sin free? Nobody is completely free of sin. Is it right for us as Christians to say "You're a disgrace for being a homosexual?" Is it right to say "You adulterer! You shall burn in hell?" If you're thinking yes then you're wrong. We're not here to judge. Only God can judge us. And are you forgetting that God gave his only son to pay for ALL OF OUR SINS? ALL of them! The only truly important thing in Christianity is having a relationship full of uncondtional love with Jesus Christ our Savior. That's all! So here's your reality check sir. The only secular thing about your whole article was YOU. Maybe you need to bury your nose back in that Bible of yours. Thanks for your time and God Bless.
  • wow... sorry, but you really don't know what you're talking about.
  • Your research on mormonism is flawed, On example is the section that Asks are mormons Christian, I know u believe they aren't, if your research was correct then that would be true, we do not believe in 3 gods Heavenly Father is God, Jesus is our savior, I was born and raised in the Baptist church 45 years and have only converted to The church of jesus christ of latter day saints in the last year but I also studied it for over a year before I decided to convert. To be fair I ask that you please do more research and talk to mainstream Members not fundamentalist. Thank You


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  • Produce the Family Teaching Course designed to be used at the dinner table.  It goes through the Bible and teaches doctrine, apologetics, Bible characters, Bible events, etc.  Its designed to stop the huge amount of Christians from leaving their faith.  Statistically, 80% of Christians raised in a Christian home and go to a Christian church lose their faith within two years of attending a secular college.  We want to stop that by grounding them in the faith by going through this at home.  Where else are they going to learn what they need to know?
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