CARM Newsletter 06-05-08

Apathetic or Involved? Acts 25:11 says, “If then I am a wrongdoer, and have committed anything worthy of death, I do not refuse to die; but if none of those things is true of which these men accuse me, no one can hand me over to them. I appeal to Caesar.”

A while back I had a conversation with two Christian men, one of them was a pastor.  Both of them told me that we Christians were not to be involved in politics, that we were not to try to change the laws, that we were to be meek, and that we should accept whatever persecution comes.  They told me that Paul never tried to change the political system.  They told me that he only preached the gospel and that is all that we should do.  I was dumbfounded by this attitude. 

The two men are wrong.  God does not call us to be passive, uninvolved, and meek brethren who were so unseen that we are not salt in the world.  Instead, Christ calls us to let our light shine before all men (Matt. 5:16) and to oppose evil (Eph. 6:13).  Yes, we are to take persecution, but there is nothing in the Scriptures that says we are to sit around and do nothing when evil arises.

In Acts 25:11 Paul appealed to Caesar.  This means that he took advantage of the law is a Roman citizen.  He was under threat of being killed for preaching the gospel and he used the law to his advantage.  Likewise, we Christians can also use the law to our advantage.  We should be praying for our leaders, paying attention to what they do, to how they vote, and to what they say.  When people who are supposed to rule over us act in an ungodly manner, we need to oppose the evil.  This does not mean that we are to become militant and violent.  On the contrary, we are called to peace.  But, we can write letters, we can send e-mails, we can assemble in protest according to law.  Though not necessary for every Christian, these are options that we have in order to oppose evil. 

Unfortunately, when we become so comfortable with a regular paycheck, and regular TV shows, and our comfortable routine, we sometimes forget what it means to face unrighteousness and to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones.  But this is what Jesus requires of us to walk the talk.  He said that we are to take up our cross and follow after him (Matt. 10:38).  Remember, Jesus overturned the tables of the unrighteous Jews.  He opposed unrighteousness with deeds.  Paul went to the unbelievers and tried to correct their thinking.  Both opposed evil and stood for righteousness.  And so should we.

Updates and Info I went to a wedding at the Grand Canyon last week.  My wife and I drove down there with the kids and we spent a few days seeing the sights.  For those of you who have not been to the Grand Canyon, let me tell you that it is an amazing sight.  I always thought that I would be impressed when I first saw it, but I did not expect to be impressed as much as I was.  If you ever have the opportunity to go there, please do.  Your eyes will bug out and your jaw will drop when you see how deep and vast the canyon really is.  By the way, I saw a Condor.  Cool!

We will finally be starting video shooting this week.  Whew!  Lots to prep for.  I plan to start with an introduction to CARM and that can be viewed on the homepage.  I will have to learn how to embed video, shoot and edit video, compress, and make it all seamless for the viewer.

I'm for building a new computer.  I have two 24 inch monitors in tandem.  They are for video editing and for filming (The IMAC is the main video editing computer).  The monitors can turn vertically and I can fill the screen with text so I can read it while shooting video.  The only problem is that the video card can barely keep up.  So it's finally time to get a new one.  Only, my computer is so old they don't make video cards powerful enough for it anymore.  In order to get a new video card I need a new motherboard, which means a new CPU, which means new RAM, which means its time to build a new computer.  I've been doing a little research on this (core 2 duo, quad, 512 pci express video card, hdmi, etc.) and will peace one together over the next few weeks or months.

The radio show was doing well even though the donations have slipped.  This is to be expected at the beginning of the summer months.

Ryan Turner will be here in about two weeks.  He had to delay coming out here from North Carolina to work with CARM, because of a situation with his old employer.  He needed to stay a little Ingres to help them out.  Nevertheless, when Ryan gets here a few days afterwards he and I will drive to Salt Lake City.  We will stay with Bill McKeever (  we will all drive down to Manti, Utah.  The Mormons have an annual festival there.  LDS and Christians both converge.  The former to learn about their history and their church, the latter to witness to the people lost in the Mormon church.

What do you want to see done on CARM?  what would you like to see CARM do?  Please e-mail me and let me know [email protected]

Debate Videos The DVD's for the Pensacola debate that I had with an atheist in April are finally here.  If you are interested in getting the video DVD's, then go to  We will provide the MP3 (audio format) for download later. 

On May 12 and 13, 2008, I was involved in two debates: "Is the Trinity biblical" and "Is water baptism necessary for salvation?"  (Click on the links if you are interested in reading my opening statements in each debate.)  The DVD videos are almost ready.  Another week or two should do it.

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As summer approaches support usually dwindles.  I just wanted to remind youmouse that if you're not already supporting CARM financially, which please consider doing so?  All we ask is a commitment of five dollars a month.  If you are interested in giving up a large Latee once a month for this ministry, please go to Thanks

Head in
the Sand
prairie dogWhat the Heck?

This feature is not so we can make fun of anyone.  This is serious stuff.  Instead it is to show what kind of thinking is out there.  I regularly get stuff like this.  Pray for me.

Christians have proven themselves to be evil, for in the name of their precious bible they go around and kill whoever they say they need to kill. They try to convert those who do not need converting, and anyone who disbelieves in their exaggerated god is, apparently, the devil. You're all just a mob of idiots and fools, for you do not open your eyes enough to realize your wrongs. Your religion isn't even worth the time of intelligent people that can see the many things that are wrong with it. Your god does not exist. Your bible is a book of lies. You're just living in a world of illusions, for the world does not revolve around you. Get over it and become an atheist or something. I have always believed that all religions are correct, and that every single God exists. However, I do not include your disgusting god in their midst. he says he loves everyone, and yet he tells you to hate gay and lesbian people. he says it doesn't matter, he still loves everyone, and yet he tells you to hate religions that are smarter than yours. "Jesus" was a sinless man? That's not possible. If he had never committed even one sin, then there is no way he could've existed. Adam and Eve were NOT the first humans. Humans evolved from apes, and were not magically made in one day. Also, the first human names' were "Grugdhhr" and "Uhfggh". The stories in the bible are xxxxxx - all of them. There's seashells on the mountains because, ooh! Guess what? The world used to be one big orb of WATER! I know, it's shocking to you. If we were all born sinners because of what the non-existent Adam and Eve did, shouldn't we all be in hell? You cannot be washed of your sins. You may think that even though you have done something wrong, if you go to church and confess to the man in the box, that "god will forgive you". NO, you little xxxx, it doesn't work that way. No matter what you do, your actions cannot be reset. What you have done will never be forgiven, even if it is the smallest thing. Snakes, wolves, and dragons do NOT represent the devil. Wiccan people are not the devil. Jewish people are not the devil. Shinto people are not the devil. ...Okay, but maybe I am. If anything, you Christians do your job so well that the devil doesn't even have to DO anything. He's getting fat and lazy down there because you've taken all of his evil work for him. Do you people even know what you have done? You say you actually ASKED Wiccan people? What, did you get an emo and a goth off the street and immediately think that they're Wiccan? Just how stupid ARE you? No, wait, don't answer that. I already know. And lastly..! .....What was I going to downsize again? xxxxx, I really should write these things down... OHYEAH. If you think that my friend is evil, you're hideously mistaken. xxxxxxxxx is the only evil one here. Did you know that once, I broke someone's arm just by biting it and adding pressure? That I chased after someone with an ax? That I tormented someone so much that they went insane? Hmm, I guess you wouldn't. But now you do! Hi, I'm xxxxxxxx, but you can call me satan. I like the taste of human flesh, and depending on how you reply, I might go after you next.

CARM Needs Staff How would you like to work in the ministry where the rewards are small, the challenges are huge; you get ridiculed; there's spiritual attack; sometimes you don't know if you are going to make it financially; you have to support yourself, and you have to research and write about false systems and compare them Scripture? 

If that sounds appealing, then maybe you might be interested in working with CARM.

You can be male or female.  You have to agree to the CARM statement of faith, and I prefer people who are educated and/or experienced in their field of expertise.  But I must reiterate; this is not an easy ministry.  It is time-consuming, often unrewarding, frustrating, etc.  But, there are rewards.  You get to know that what you produce will affect thousands of people for years to come.  This ministry is a challenge and it is not for the fainthearted.   Interested?  If so, contact me at [email protected]

Love and Hate Mail

  • Hate Mail
    • I visited your website and read to some extent and I just found that you hate the witnesses for no just cause. All what you are saying are not proven. Most of the points you tried to raise as an issue are in actuality baseless. Could you please desist?
    • Let me tell you though, you're great entertainment. But you are pathetic, far more pathetic than, Mormons, JW's or Catholics. But you are far less pathetic than that Mormon guy you interviewed with MCKeever. What was his name? Ned? He denied & played cowardly all show long and you did nothing. Your friend McKeever lamented correctly how cowardly Mormon leaders became lately, and you  didn't have enough fortitude to expose this guy. I don't mind Mormon doctrine when it is discussed against you pseudo-christians. What I mind is Leaders like Hinkley deny the past in order to shed  true doctrines of the Church.  I'm no longer Mormon, however their doctrines are as legitimate as yours, since both of you have no leg to  stand to prove your claims. Call me, or write to me. I will talk to you anywhere, anytime that your G-d is a worthless, Might-less Idol that you worship. I'll prove it to you. In fact, I want to go to hell and reside the deepest dungeons of hate, crime, malice He can muster. I know He is a farce, beyond shadow of doubt.
  • Love Mail
    • I just wanted to commend you on this brilliant website that you have.  The format makes it easy to understand for everyone. I have steered many to this site for that very reason. Thanks!
    • I am a pastor and your carm website is AWESOME and a great tool for pastors and Christians in general.  Thank you!
    • would like to thank you for your website. I am leaving the mormon chuch after being a devout member for over 15 years. I never really "bought" off on the whole mormon theology but went to satisfy my wife. After reviewing your site as well as other post/ex mormon sites I have gained the confidence to leave. In the past when I wanted to leave the church there was always that small possiblity it may be true but not this time. I know without a doubt Joseph Smith was  a liar as well as all early church leaders. My research into early church history has sickened me and quite frankly has made me sad for the millions of mormons that are "stuck" in a religion that don't know anything about. I could go on and on but I now know the real Jesus Christ and will become a warrior for him proclaiming his name and giving all glory to him. I will do my best to convert my mormon friends and family to Christianity....Thank you and God bless.
    • Just wanted to simply say THANKS for freely sharing all that info on the carm website - I have just been skimming through it now and my heart is happy and grateful for your selfless giving :-)   I am joining a church plant to Germany later this year (I am from South Africa), and your research, particulalry when it comes to apologetics, is going to come in handy. I am looking forward to getting down and studying all this stuff now, and to be a carrier of TRUTH!    Bless you,
Matt Slick
CARM President

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