Newsletter 12-29-10

Love and Hate Mail


  • I just wanted to let you know that I have been listening to your show for about a year now and I really appreciate your ministry. It is a blessing to have a strong Christian brother standing up to the faith with excellent, logical, and most importantly, Scriptural arguments. Please continue to keep and share the faith, and may God bless your ministry, so that you can continue to keep the airwaves going.
  • Hello Matt and company. Thank you for the articles in general and for the ones on relativism specifically. This limp noodle ideology called relativism is just no good and it is with great gusto that I chowed down on your articles that refute it! Sadly, here in Africa, such corrosive thinking is becoming the norm in the more wealthy and westernized parts and peoples. When somebody says "It's true for you but not for me.", it's kinda like when you're trying to prove a point with somebody and when you get to that yes or no time, they say "whatever". Actually, now that I think about it, that should be the relativist's moto! "Whatever!" Ok, joking aside, I want to thank you and your team for all the work you've all done and continue to do. Few are the defenders these days and the articles are helping some of us to catch up and lend a hand too! I have no scripture or words of wisdom to share with you at this time but know that I do think upon and pray for you, your family and colleagues and I hope to see many more Bible based, Spirit led, logical article being published for a long time to come or until the Father leads otherwise.
  • I visited your site and was pleasantly surprised. I am a born again Christian who shares your beliefs and was delighted to find others that share my beliefs.  Thank you for the way you allow others to "agree to disagree" and for "hating the sin but loving the sinner"
  • Today was the first time I found your site. It is an answer to prayer and so many questions! Thank You.
  • I wanted to thank you for your website! It helped me do more research into the NWT and what I found was shocking. I realized that there teachings were not biblical and I thank you for for bringing me to realize that I was not in the truth. I also thank God because I have had the veil removed. To all the Jehovah Witnesses I would like to say buy a Strong's Exhaustive Concordance and an Interlinear Greek, Hebrew, and English. Do the research into the translation your using.
  • Thank you for your website! I found the answer to one of my questions right away. May God bless you.
  • I have just found your site and am happily reading. Thank you for all this research and also for the tone that you have in your writings. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas!


  • Dear you fools who run this pathetic waste of a site, Your attempts to spread christianity by altering the purpose of islam is completely ignorant. Profit Mihammad (PBUH) was not a sinner at all. He was a very gentle man who had none obligations but what he was told to do. You guys are cowards with a retarded religion. Since when does wine become the blood of christ, and how was he crucifide? This is such bull. It also doesn't make sence that christians do alll the opposite of the characteristics of a true human being. Why do (Christians) even dare to portray such inhuman behavior. Eating pork, which is inevitably bad for you, which also has many enzymes that causes numerous diseases. Do me a favor, look in the mirror and see how big of a fool you are. Do we do this? Check any website where we alter christianity. Please, i challenge you to do so.  Honestly, i gaurentee you're dumb old white man who clearly has no knowledge of even your own religion. I clearly espect your religion even though it makes no sence, and science has no proof over it, where as islam has infinite, i don't alter or make rude statements. In conclusion, you're a dumb*** idiot who needs to delete that made up stuff, and get your facts straight. Also, if you want to argue, i'll prove your dumb*** wrong in somany ways you can't even think to imagine. Good Luck you coward. Peace
  • WHO AM I? I am one of GOD's children asking you to scriptually - biblically back up what you are saying? You are the one who is so arrogant that you do not believe it is necessary or you know you can't. You are the one that has put out YOUR false statements on the internet and won't even attempt to back it up with biblical evidence.
    You are the one that says -"I, Matt Slick, say so its, so and that's good enough. I don't have to prove anything." You falsely attack other people's worship and beliefs, say things that are the exact opposite of what the BIBLE says. We want proof. There are enough lies out there. Because there are thousands of false prophets and you may be one of the many. Don't you get it ... if it's not in the BIBLE you can't say that it is... ALL you have to do is back what you say "scripturally". PROVE WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN SCRIPTUALLY or get off the internet....
  • Thank you for your presentation of Mormonism. But the churchianity cult which you represent isn't that far from the necromancy unchrist practice of Joe Smith's sect. What Jesus instructed his students to do, the members of mormon and churchianity fail to do. There is no Christian "doctrine" according to the Master but the consciousness and practice of divine Love. Both you and the ones you criticize are huung up on "doctrines" while failing Love, the Mind that was in Christ Jesus. You are no more "Christian" than Mormons. The church that loves and heals correlates to the teachings and example of Christ. Please publish this on your website. Thank you.
  • Dear Rev. Slick, After reading your website, the only thing that occurred to me was that you should obey what your own holy book says in Deuteronomy 23:13. It could not make less sense if you had interspersed a Chinese business document with random passages from Dr. Seuss and bits of scientific literature. Oh, wait, you don't believe in science, do you? My bad. However, as your sibling unit in GoOMU (the God of Our Many Understandings), I am compelled to write to you because I believe your problem may have a medical basis. I learned in my microbiology class that a person's stool is about 1/2 microbes by weight, so you may be suffering from an excess of intestinal flora. As the microorganisms in the gut are also responsible for caloric extraction from food, this would also explain why you are so fat. It makes too much sense. Please see your doctor. Peace and justice, - A total stranger.
  • stumbled upon your website--thought it would be a decent one until you listed Catholics under: Major Religious Movements. Unbelievable. The Church that Jesus Christ founded. Wow. So you think you know more than Christ? Amazing and very scary that ones that write on this site think that way.

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