Publisher I've finished the book The Garden and am looking for a publisher.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I need to find an agent, learn how to submit manuscripts, etc.  But it is all on hold because of how busy I am with the CARM website.  That's why I'm asking for suggestions.  The book is meant to be an evangelism novel, full of suspense, good guys, bad guys, angels, demons, etc.  When you're done reading it, you know basic Christian theology, what is needed for salvation, etc.  People who've read it said it is good.  Praise God.

Quote from the book: "While in his garden Mark, an unbeliever who is grieving over the unexplained death of his son, is manipulated by a demon and almost commits suicide. Sotare, an angel, rescues Mark at the last moment and is permitted to appear to him and dialogue with him on the purpose of life, God, the nature of evil, and God’s sovereignty. The demons are watching and they want Mark dead. Under Sotare’s guidance, Mark is given visions of the demonic realm and ancient spiritual history. The battle over Mark unfolds in both the spiritual and physical worlds and the reader sees the demons and angels war over his soul."

Ryan Turner

Since the launch of the new CARM.org website, it is now easier for us to have volunteers help us.  As of right now, CARM has four proofreaders who are editing the website.  We also have a couple individuals who are helping CARM get the online schools into PowerPoint.  We hope this PowerPoint functionality will enable pastors, Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, etc. to better equip the body of Christ.

Anyhow, after spending these past few months working on the CARM site, it is truly amazing how much information is on CARM.  It took me about a whole week just to manually fix all of the footnotes on the new CARM website. And, yes, we have a lot more fixes that need to be done.  Please be patient with us as we fix all of these bugs.

Matt and I do hope to get back into the "swing of things" in the next few weeks.  We want to begin writing more articles for the website again, producing more YouTube videos, etc.

Matt already mentioned many of the various projects that we have been working on. I am extremely thankful for all of the volunteers out there who have offered help with proofreading the website, making PowerPoint presentations, and translating the website. It is truly a blessing to know the body of Christ is out there and cares.

As mentioned above and below, if you are interested in helping CARM in the areas of Proofreading, PowerPoint production, Magento, or translating CARM into various languages, please contact Ryan at [email protected].

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Love and Hate Mail

  • Hate Mail
    • Its so funny how you denounce one ridiculous claim and then insert another. I hope when you pray to God he answers back, because for everyone else, there’s no one home… Greg
    • I must tell you that your site is a disgrace. You have the proper symbol in the upper left hand corner. I believe you are an idiot and guilty of character assignation. Wonder what the penalty is for that eh?
    • Mr. Slick, Your material on denying the clear teaching of the scriptures on water baptism as being a necessary requisite for salvation requires a man with a name like "slick.  Water baptism, no more than belief, repentance or confession adds a thing to the work of Christ. But they are all required to say THANK YOU to Jesus for what He has done (Jn.17:4; Heb. 5:8-9). Your theology is like the sign over the German iron worker's shop that says "All sorts of twisting and turning done here." Your premises and ramblings on baptism are weak, false and pitiful. May God help you to see the truth on ALL subjects that He has authored. Peter
  • Love Mail
    • ...Well, it just goes to show that the Internet and the word of God can reach practically anywhere, and I am glad that CARM has been making use of this medium to bring light into the darkness.  I am very grateful for your ministry because 2 years ago, sometime in March 2007, CARM along with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, led me to know my Savior and Redeemer, our Lord Jesus Christ....  Allen
    • I had a friend whose child was going to be baptized into the Mormon church.  I talked to her a little bit, told her about exaltation and how the Mormon God and Christian God were not the same, and I directed them to you site.  After reading, she said that she believes that there is just one God and is looking for another church.  Thank you so much.  God was able to use me because you did His will in putting up this site.  Praise God, and thank you for helping me keep someone out of a cult.  Mike
    • Hi, I am writing to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing.  I have only recently given my life to Jesus and it was through your website that I found and utilized answers to the very questions I hadn't even realized I was asking.  I was approached by Jehovah's Witnesses and offered a free home bible study.  It was when they started talking that I realized how different their approach was to what I thought a Bible study should be - the Bible was a secondary resource never referred to unless it was specified in their "What does the Bible Really Teach?" publication.  I then began some study of my own and happened upon your website.  It was and still is the answer to my prayers!  A site that enables me to study and reshape my life, while actively encouraging researching for yourself - something that the Witnesses never encouraged, even questions were thoroughly disapproved of - unless they were about the Watchtower or Bible Teach publications.
      Thank you for providing such a place so that people like myself have the opportunity to become true Christians.  Worshipping the true Jesus.  God Bless,  Patricia
    • Hi, I just wanted to thank you for having such an awesome website.  I was recently a Satanist and didn't see the need for God and wanted to be my own God.  I should have realized that's what got Satan booted out of heaven.  But I checked out your website and realized that God does really exist.  Thank you.  Thanks again.  God bless,  T.J.

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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.